5 Powerful Tips to prevent effective diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is one of the serious diseases in the health sector that can attack all humans of all ages. Diabetes is caused by the hormone insulin does not work normally and also cells in the body can not respond to insulin itself.
The hormone insulin helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Unhealthy lifestyle becomes one of the factors that cause a person with diabetes. Then, is there any tips and effective in the prevention of diabetes ... ???.

Friend, health tips. Diabetes are three types of diabetes, type one consists of two types of diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Two types of diabetes is diabetes that is found most often to attack the lives of people all over the world, including in this country. There are three marks when the sugar content in the blood in the body up to frequent urination, easy thirsty, hungry and very fast. Health tips, and there are a variety of effective tips that we can do to prevent diabetes that this damage. Here are 5 tips effective in the prevention of diabetes is effective:
1. exercise routine. Do you play today ... ???. Everyone including you certainly would not rejected the statement "Sport is good for health." Exercise benefits associated with diabetes to reduce blood sugar levels in the body and stimulates the hormone insulin to work according to their function.
2. meet the needs of fiber. Fruits are a source of fiber that your body needs. The benefits of fiber are associated with diabetes, which helps to stabilize the action of insulin in the blood sugar in the body and play a role in reducing weight. Because excess weight at high risk of the disease diabetes.
3. Keep your weight. In this case, it has a weight that is appropriate, or in other words, not too fat and not too thin. This is because, excess weight increases a person's risk for diabetes disease.
4. Pay attention to your diet. In this case, start eating a variety of foods that have been proven nourishing the body with reasonable or exaggerated part. Some health foods are a variety of different fruits and vegetables are colored green.
5. routine inspections and consult a specialist. In this case, the investigation with a specialist about the causes of diabetes and effective tips to avoid diabetes.

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