How to invest correct and safe

Investment return for trade
You have to distinguish between the first two meanings, as conflicting.
Investments that sit still make money (negative), but the results are usually less important (less with trading) and rely on the director of your money. But it can also be a safe investment for the retirement at a later time if you choose correctly and appropriately. Investments can also be increased as well as capital gains or investment in development projects.
Business that must be actively involved, but the results can be very large or actually lose money. To trade is dependent on yourself.
With regard to trade, you are advised to put your money in a brokerage firm can rely on her list, safe and clear. (You can read the explanation in the other pages on our website that discusses the broker)
Investments, we will discuss on this page, because often people are infected very blind about this investment, taken in the end the wrong way and take some kind of money game, Arisan chain, inventory pre-IPO is not clear, and HYIP, which will inevitably be lost in the eventually or taken away by money managers.
HYIP, money game and the like definitely Dreams provides a quick way to become rich, but everything is logical and lied. Because if it is the same (ie manager) could be the case, then it is already rich in right and why bother sale or search for funding someone else, and why they did not borrow money only in the bank ... which is where they only need to pay small, NBD's right .. (most of maximum interest the bank only 1% / month, until the bank rate abroad is less than 1% in the month, though)
For example: HYIP gives you a return of 10% per month (more than that), but if the director HYIP they will borrow money in the bank, enough to give him to the bank of 1% per month is not .. (save 9%), and also why not borrow from any bank ?? Because it can not be fooled by the West, so it is deceiving ordinary people!
Now, we need to be observant and sharp thinking, do not be fooled by people who do not really like it anymore.With respect through real investment, there are different types, namely:

Properties, such as the sale and lease property, or buy land to store (to buy the property, note the location!)
Buy gold, and stored for a long time. Or through online media such as information from our colleagues in the blog article
Antique collectors of high-value products (plates, art, and others)
A franchise can be a passive income, such as Indomaret, Alfamart, pharmacy K24, etc.
Business (commissioner or capital that accompanies a negative), but cautiously so companies are also a lot that is not true anyway. (Learn system and financial reports)
Direct investment in the right and credible / Bluechip Equity
Competent mutual fund shares
Bonds (bonds), and preferably from government bonds more secure, such as Uri (bonds of the Republic of Indonesia), or private corporate bonds that have a solid, such as Astra.
SUN (Government Bond), instruments
Deposits in banks (not on moneylenders yes), but very small deposits returnnya can be eroded by inflation. (Not recommended for deposit!)
Election unit link specifically in insurance products
With regard to investment products above, we do not discuss them all, because of its complexity, which, when covered here will not end, and for a very long time. We discuss only in profile and short-term investments (can be used in cash flow) in the gold investment strategies on the Internet, as well as for long-term and medium-sized mutual funds, bonds, ORI, instruments and insurance unit link.
To choose institutional investors (especially for products of investment funds, ORI, instruments and bonds), we encourage you to participate in the products offered by accredited legal and financial institutions in Indonesia (included in Bapepam), as is the case in the products offered in the bank Bank BIG (preferably not in small banks O), along with the products in stock of the company it was officially registered with Bapepam also given (such as E- Trade, OSK, Danareksa, Trimegah, Mandiri Sekuritas, Panin Sekuritas, etc.). Or you can consult us in advance via the Internet, rather than wasted.
Choice allowed on the investment products products are common, which is like gold, investment funds, and insurance unit linked bonds (bonds), ORI, instruments retail, and even deposits.
Well, now go on the subject of how to invest your savings is correct and safe for the future or retirement at a later date:GOLD strategy to invest online
Online strategy to invest in gold is one of the investment strategy we recommend in any case, because it is very easy and can be done by relaxing, but it has the potential return of very nice and safe.
Gold is a tool that will inevitably continue to rise in the long term, because gold is the precious metal which is used for various things, including the exchange of a country, a reserve currency, a hedge (hedge), the means of payment, for the purposes of electronic products, jewelry and so on. (Without the gold, and the world can not live)
Gold very high value, because gold can not be created by man, other than that the supply of gold is also increasingly a little bit, and this is what makes gold so valuable and the trend is likely to rise, although it can sometimes happen disorder or down but it was only for a moment, and eventually will be again in almost any year more and more expensive in terms of value.
See forecast and the proportion of the price of gold in recent years with the press here (subject to change depending on market)
Investment various gold, the most effective is the use of electronic media on the Internet, because with this method, which is unnecessary physical troubles shop gold you are in a safe place, do not be afraid stolen / material losses from your gold, in addition to the Internet can be done anywhere for the moment and Fab, as well as more practical and efficient, and profitable. But you should not invest carelessly in the media over the Internet or the Internet, because a lot of deception, too!(We will give her tips below)
The strategy of investing in gold via the Internet, and can be used on a short-term gain, medium, or for cash flow, because it combines commerce with the investment pattern, so this method is suitable for those who want to invest and get the speed of money (cash flow),
How gold as an investment on the Internet is also working a simple principle that when gold prices go down and then buy (buy gold when prices fall or cheap), but there are some accounts that we should not arbitrarily out to buy it, because it can be dangerous. This method is based on our experience was very effective and not a waste of time, and can be done by anyone.
Investing in gold Engineering online this must be done through the medium of futures contracts for companies with credibility, because in deposits Inc. (brokerage firms, which can trade gold) is located influence or power that allows you to buy gold several hundred worth many times the traditional price of gold in general (systems such as only using the cash advance), in addition to the tax-exempt costs, and you can get the difference between the purchase price and the selling price is less profitable than the traditional buy gold.
We advise you to choose the company's futures (mediation) with the right, and choose safe, because it concerns the security of money in the long run. Best touts investment strategy in gold online in the mediation of overseas listed company as well as in MiFID, MFSA, British FCA, ASIC, Nigeria, the government-owned envoy of the United States and Europe, and Asutralia, since the regulator is officially the most credible institution (because owned the original government) , other than that of ownership, customers also affordable (small head money can invest and trade, starting around two million rupees already can), in the company of members such as the commodity Futures trading Commission, FCA in the UK, very safe MiFID, and the profits and the other is that it you can get a more complete facilities such as free shipping confinement, margins cheaper, do not enter the merchant (non-city), and can adjust the volume of the lots with more meetings and flexible than the other or a local broker (broker registered abroad officially you can also use gold tool with the size of Micro, Mini, even on a regular level and above, and very flexible, and more profitable).
Are investment gold investment companies are classified as high-risk, or HYIP (which is the high yield / Ponzi) or managed by individuals and companies that are not clear / not regulated properly (not included also in an organized type of NFA / CFTC, MFSA, MiFID, the British FCA, ASIC), because they can be very dangerous and possibly take away, and given the tools often used gold by criminals collar and companies such as illegally (such as a father-Lapa mine and equity pre-IPO trash, and also mislead the money game, and the like), but many of the kind of illegal gambling or gambling are certain elements favorable.
To learn more about Gold techniques strategies on the Internet and the flow of investments and cash, see more details in the description of one of our comrades in the blog
Once you learn to invest in gold strategy via the Internet, then you should not need more seminars and training workshops of gold, which is expensive for millions of rupees 🙂 otherwise not necessarily the techniques being taught properly and safely, since it is often taught there is something such high-risk or lead to gambling. On our site you can get all the information trading and investment strategies in gold with the Internet through an easy, practical and lightweight.
Mechanical trading and investment gold online can provide good profits with little risk, but it must be in accordance with the correct patient and instructions are executed.investment funds
Investment very long term are recommended in addition to gold online strategy is above investment fund products, boxes, we advise you to choose the products and mutual shares, because the product is good for the long term investment over five years, and you can increase your capital gains (capital growth ) at the time of retirement or for your future. (The shares of mutual funds are very volatile, but in the end will certainly go up in the long run, perfectly suitable for a pension at a later time). But if your goal is short-term under the age of 5 years and a capital investment of money Kitchen / money your business, then you should not participate in shares of mutual funds!
For equity funds, we encourage you to take the products issued by and large safe, legal and credible super companies which, in our opinion, is kind of out of the company Schroeder, Manulife and BNP Paribas, Panin Sekuritas (Panin Dana MAKSIMA). Because of its excellent performance and it deserved to take.
Examples of real application of mutual funds:
In 1997, when you can save 100 million rupees in the mutual fund Panin Dana MAKSIMA products, and then in 2012 the fund now will be more than five billion rupees.
Then, if in 2000 you save money in the fund Schroeder stock mutual funds in addition to the achievement of 100 million rupees, and then in 2012 from the fund, now you have grown to Rs. 2.1 billion
If in 2005 you save RP1 billion to the fund for Schroeder, and then in 2012 from the fund, now you've grown to become Rp.5 billion.
From the examples above, you can see the development in the long term if it is filed.
For their own newsletter details, you may request, and the request of the bank's employees, and they can provide growth data, and it's real without engineering.
(The above example is based on the real performance of mutual funds that have taken place, but in the future can not be necessarily the same as in the past, he spoke with the bank employee who dealt with him for more details)
Some products are superior to mutual funds in Indonesia, namely, (which we recommend that you should follow): Schroder Fund plus achievement, the Special Fund Schroeder Schroeder 90+, Solaris BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Star, BNP Paribas Pesona, Pesona secretariat BNP Paribas BNP Paribas shares, shares of Manulife Andalan, Manulife equity Fund
Can investment funds barely go out of business, where they are providing mutual funds made up of a group of blue chip stocks spinal economic pillar of the state of Indonesia, such as Unilever, Indofood, BRI, BCA, Mandiri, Astra, Telkom and his friends, and that, if they went bankrupt, and the State of Indonesia also It will be destroyed. So investing in stock mutual funds can be said to be extremely safe in the long run (as long as he chose the right mutual fund products such as our guide)
The investment period in the shares of a mutual fund if the longest and one of the best and growing, or you can do a routine save each month in shares of mutual funds in order to achieve optimal results in any case do not care about the market turmoil.Unit Link (Insurance Products)
At the same time, if you want to choose products that can be kind of insurance linked to one unit with, then you can get in the leadership of the insurance companies, such as Prudential, Acelife, Manulife, Generali, life Sequis, AXA, and so forth. The working principle is like a link unit mutual funds, only small revenues (due to reduced insurance costs), and increase the benefits you can get insurance anyway.
But remember that the Fund's investments insurance and unit growth link would certainly be less than the maximum, because it stopped due to the cost of insurance (with age) and are often also do not put all of them into investment products (gradually), and as a result you could miss out on momentum and your money grow is not nice.
If you really want to get the Link module product on this insurance, ask composition of 50:50 or 60:40 settings or even 70:30 (should be investing larger), because it is often bad agent that gives you the investment composition of up to 20: 80 or less, it is clear that it is harmful to you, because the value of your investment can be so bad. (Insurance agent gets a commission from the money that is placed on the value of insurance and not on the value of the investment, so the agent would prefer basically when your insurance status is greater than even higher investment, because the committee that it could be larger, so it must be observant and clever Yes , to the position of one!)
Up to the top of the unit and a link on this, ask your insurance put on the securities portfolio.
It is desirable to use insurance as a way to provide health protection and not be used for investment instruments, to develop the poor value of the investment.Bond, FR, ORI, SUN, instruments
To choose the types of products, such as bonds, ORI, instruments, and these products such as deposits, can be found in banks are common, such as BCA, BRI, Mandiri, CIMB Nyagah, HSBC, Mega, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Commonwealth BII, and so on. The working principles and products Sukuk bonds are the same deposits, here it's just to raise interest rates, 100% guaranteed, and can enjoy additional capital in a very good gains, although capital gains are pretty will not be as high as shares of investment fund. As well as in bonds and term instruments there.
For products mentioned above, you can also monitor the progress of the newspaper Bisnis Indonesia on a daily basis, or search on the site Bapepam.
You can ask for more details about these products to your bank employee, they are ready to help provide a more complete explanation.How do I get investment funds, ORI, etc.?
We suggest you contact the bank in order to rest, and then you will be accompanied by personal employee / manager relations accounts (RM) that can help you to take care of administrative tasks and interpretation.
Banks supply the above mentioned products in general: Bank, HSBC, ANZ, Bank of Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank, Bank BII, Bank of the dangers of fire, CIMB Nyagah, Bank Mandiri and others. You can contact the bank in advance to ask him, whether the provision of these products or not. (Banks generally provides sure, but there are also banks that do not provide, for example: BCA).
Put yourself in the products that we recommend above so chose any one!
From now on, leaving HYIP, money game, Arisan Berantai, or offers for investments that promise high profits there or rich dreams of a quick glance. Because of things like this a danger of everything, is not legal, it can not be long-term, and is very responsible.
We hope it is useful!
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