The definition of a market maker?

We often hear a market maker on the run, but what is the significance of the actual market maker?
Market maker in the true sense means the players in the market, and can be participants in the market of brokerage and traders and the government, banks and financial institutions of companies consists, and the like, it has also been included participants in the market as well as participants can have an impact on the market, or the so-called market maker.
Usually it referred a market maker in the broad sense of the mediator of the type of dealings Office (city), while the official definition of the actual market maker at the mention of this term in government agencies / regulatory TSB market maker is the same with market participants. All brokerage firms should be referred to as a market maker, including banks, financial institutions and so on, but that does not mean it is a city or the circulation desk.
Wikipedia also wrote that the definition of market makers are:
"The market maker or provider of liquidity is a company, or individual, to quote both the buying and the selling price in a financial instrument or commodity held in stock, hoping to make a profit on the tender offer spread on or off. In exchange: Most of the foreign exchange (forex ) trading companies and market makers, and so many of the banks. a market maker buys and sells those customers and offset by the price differences for the service providing liquidity, reduce transaction costs and facilitate trade. "
So if we know more carefully, all the brokerage firms, including banks, are in fact part of a market maker, it's just the term is generally known as a market maker = airport broker, but if penyebutannya the official term for the market maker is a participant in the market or liquiditor itself (not always BANDAR).
And also in the well and could have been written about the male as a market maker (usually in a brokerage firm registered in an organized type of NFA / CFTC, FCA, MiFID and ASIC) Some brokerage firms, but remember that just as the English legal language is where the real meaning It does not mean he is the mediator of the city, but it was only as a mere legal.
Market Maker (market participants) to enterprise-class broker consists of two types DESK broker deal and not to the circulation desk.
1. broker company market maker who dealt Office (city) is against the client tradernya position, even if your loss, then the mediator to get the money from the loss. Broker of this kind restricts trading technology, which are the rules of the aggressive and very many, and some of it is used method of spreading reform (because this kind can create special circumstances which may differ from the market), usually brokers of this kind there can be reward a wonderful welcome such 30%, 50% or 100%, which is where, according to the logic can never be obtained from any spread of profit. Then factor other vices susceptible to manipulation or market factors engineering.
Dealing Desk broker is not always bad as long as it is properly regulated in a credible regulatory body of the CFTC, FCA, MiFID and the type of ASIC, so the supervision of all activities undertaken by the governmental regulatory body in order to avoid misuse. But if it is a broker dealing desk that bucket shop (intermediate foot five) in addition to that to avoid them, usually a bucket shop that is a broker based in negara2 unclear (a type of British Virgin Islands, Georgia, Mauritius, Belize, Seychelles) or Russian, because it there was no official regulatory body and dignified.
2. As for the corporate market maker manifold or risk dealing socket earn income primarily from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price or spread only (still not reduced foreign exchange from liquiditornya) gains.
Brokers types is an operations room it is not against their clients (not profit from the loss of customers), but only collect traders as clients and then all liquiditor treatment or thrown on the market, or to say a bridge only. But the broker can also be involved as a participant or as a trader in the market, as well, depending on the brokerage firm's policy administration (but not to oppose or interfere in the position) order customers.
He called on the Office is also dealing desk at risk, because the risk of transfer of a broker's liquiditornya or market (do not fight and does not interfere customer transactions), so that the broker is not at risk due to loss of character as can happen in broker operations room. This kind of broker only benefit from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price only, and not from the loss of customers or customer margin.
Broker consists multiple market maker of non-clearing brokers ECN room, Sao Tome and Principe, and the Department of Municipal Affairs, and hybrid.
Similarly, the idea that the intermediate term can also mean two types:
Broker recalled that in Indonesia, it means the person who manages or dealing with our money, while the company is referred to as the company's futures (futures company or brokerage) company.
While abroad, the death of an intermediary company and that means the futures (futures companies), while others saw the fund manager called a fund or a money manager manager.
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