The impact of events on the currency the Swiss franc, the Swiss central bank, which has caused some brokers lose a lot

On January 15, 2015, the evening of the previous day's events that unusual, the only time this happened such events that cause the USD / decreased the Swiss franc more than 1,800 points in a flash and up to thousands of points in total, and the Swiss franc currency too rose super at all.This is because the Swiss central bank to cancel the minimum currency Swiss franc (CHF), which leads to the currency too heavily reinforced to another.

As a result, many brokers who have suffered losses, especially the kind of non-dealing desk, while the brokers to handle office, which hardly suffered losses to harvest may be a surplus, why is that?What happened yesterday was a lot of traders who have suffered losses, because they do not think the incident. So most of the trade (the losers lose, especially the trade in tools CHF). So there's not a lot of victories, but much of that loss. Because we also did not expect that the minimum CHF canceled by the SNB, and the incident was a surprise too.

Why is the average of the broker room is that it could suffer big losses because of the CHF is due to yesterday's incident operations:

His clients big losses and non-dealing desk broker and eventually they will lose a lot of customers that cause the minimum of the total fund clients in the eyes of the organizer to be minimal. (Because also does not expect that this kind of news is happening)

The result liquiditor party (the bank) is no longer willing to accommodate the requests throw from these customers of a broker is concerned, because liquiditor also memsuspend system so as not to lose the deeper the well, and finally the impact berantainya cause SL her (stop limit becomes a loss) user transparent Lalla It can be thrown on the broker liquiditornya TSB, and eventually to balancenya minus, so the mediator, who asked him to carry to remove the balance minus the user must, well, if this argument that there is a lot of broker can suffer from too much damage.

But if a broker is the city then they will not suffer losses, loss of customers because of the money that will go into the pockets of brokers and broker rather harvest 🙂
However, the opposite, which is its many clients victories then broker the city can go bankrupt, but to mediate in the city already expects its customers not to win (or profits restless) by circumventing the system in the event that, while your broker NON BANDAR they can not arbitrarily to cheat the system, as well as broker of the city, and that therefore "bablas" according to the actual conditions of the market.

The following information from Bloomberg on several large brokerage clients that suffered losses (not profit Yes), so the number of clients who lose money in the value of the broker is shrinking and touched the minimum set by the regulator:

So did wrong interpretation of information out there that could benefit from this situation by saying that profits and broker, and now you have to be alert because it can be in the city that they are happy and the broker if the client losing money in the pockets of the city. (See explanation above the Bloomberg those that occurred yesterday his client did not win a lot and then the mediator can not pay, but because the clients a great loss intermediary brokers reality that must carry)Broker non-profit Bandar = happy customers and broker, clients lose a lot of broker also sad.Broker clients Bandar = median profit sad, while if the client loss (such as the Swiss SNB Events), a broker City really happy because the harvest.

Also read the explanation on this link: is the explanation why many large broker than the average loss is the circulation desk (although not all of them, and it also depends on the number of clients who trade in instruments CHF or not), for example a broker FXCM finally dibail gradual by the company Leucadia, interactive brokers who have lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and then OANDA, earn money and such, but there are some closing such markets Excel broker, and also Bari United Kingdom are still waiting for the board of Directors meeting to sell or gradual save it. Also in broker losers Office is dealing is that they are also less leverage (to 1: 100, 1:50 or even 1:10) due to pressure loss and, therefore, do not be surprised if all of a sudden there was a statement from the broker decline in influence.

Be careful with the broker that still retains influence to the wonderful, such as 1: 1000 or 1: 2000 and Beyond, is definitely something wrong and dealer broker. You should be ready with the consequences later.

Today, the situation of Realtors good kind of FXCM, earn money, FXDD, OANDA, Dukascopy, and his colleagues now and his safe return because the situation returned normal lead.Maybe a few of the lack of a specific currency pair leveragenya still does not normalize, especially exotic currencies is concerned with is CHF, so avoid the first business in the currency type so weird the next several months.

If you are trading on the broker is a true entrepreneur, then do not worry, because your money is safe under warranty by the organizer, and will, according to the rest of the money be returned in the event of bankruptcy of the intermediary in the median. It is different if you are trading in the broker regulator is incorrect, and that the fate of your money will not be clear if there is a bad thing on the broker.

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