Why HYIP and financial incorrect answer company is still working on the Internet?

In this virtual world (online / Internet) things that are "incorrect" can not continue to operate, even a scam proved (or fraud) is still running to this day there is still a lot. Why?
This can happen because in the world of the Internet law applies free (the free world), which is important to be "alive" from the Internet business is enough to pay for hosting and domain service, and then was able to walk (no need to get special permission again), no matter it is a work that is true or not, pornography, piracy, politics, violence, gambling, etc. it is forbidden to circulate on the Internet.But if there are people who get lost in the business to cheat or things that are not true that he was a special danger, and no one to blame but ourselves. (Due to the lack of education and proper knowledge to do so and such a large number of ordinary people who were stranded, as well as finally tragic) and ended
/ Brokers who are not regulated Center certainly located in countries that are free (or state that there is no law for it), or in countries that are not clear and secluded, intended financial companies also stated that if the company is doing a bad or things then there is no scam legal ensnared in country.
While if it is in companies regulated properly then they would not dare to do that is not true / abuse, because there is a government that can provide heavy penalties if the law did not violate the regulator. (Sort cop is not it, so it can not be arbitrary)

(Distinction between the entrepreneur, founder permit corporate and association / society, and therefore a different scale. Treasury to finance the company is must be regulated by local governments and authorized the establishment of business entities and not individuals)
Broker unregulated companies that were popular also be used for ordinary people, especially the most in Indonesia. But if it is in developed countries, an intermediary company is regulated may not sell, in fact, because the population in developed countries and learners more choice in the brokerage company properly and safely, so the brokers target and non-regulated market is the greatest reality in the states and a lot of people not educated in it, as is the case in Indonesia. Therefore only popular in Indonesia and surrounding areas if we look beyond the movement.
Why indeed rampant in Indonesia?
Because the actual law in the country of Indonesia bit weak, easily exploited by financial firms that are not really like that (unregulated), not to mention the HYIP type and investment ABBA ABBA, is countless, and seemed to be a silent government just wait berkasus first and then It followed, and which is often already too late. We believe that the government in Indonesia, the most bang for their own interests / political, and community care less. They are more concerned with the political bureau, and his property.
Choose the right back to your own. We can only educate just about the right things so as not to worsen in the selection of financial company / broker

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