Be careful with the brokerage firm Maxim merchant to balance trade

You may have heard that offer trading or trading balance using a broker dealer Maxim, which means his work as the loss of trade and then you will get the money from the discount broker + maximtrader reward and the loss of his privileges pyramid.

(But in reality for the loss keeps it in fact you also mean to beat them, of course, unlike the orders position, which makes the trading loss on an ongoing basis in reality it was not as easy as imagined, just because the language of marketing words is wonderful that the "defeated the payment after it too ", is the primary draw attention)

Opponents dealer adage is in local brokerage firms such as MONEX, sometimes also called Maxim MONEX

The modus operandi of the trading balance in the broker Maxim dealer is against your trading with other brokers, and your position in the merchant adage is that they are losing, and losing you, you will earn a share of the money, other than that it includes a multi-level marketing (MLM) on a broker dealer Maxim that makes it more interesting.

But there is one thing that is very dangerous to put money into the dealer and broker wisdom, because it seems that they canceled the permit and extremely dangerous, due to the process of sending send money and transfer committee also through individual where that person is dikata in front concessions to her, so she was interested in transfer of funds to downlinenya group, so they are extremely vulnerable to suppose that the person in trouble or hit by something from the authorities then already bubarlah (because they are vulnerable to abuses of money laundering is also in fact), in addition to brokerage firms that have already been canceled permission from the government, it means the broker is already a danger to deposit money there, and should not be used.

Here a report from the point on the cancellation of the New Zealand regulator for the process told Maxim also merchant license, namely:

(There you can see that the merchant Maxim permit has been revoked)

Then stupid again that the holding of this company Royal Group Holding, which is registered it as a public company in the United States also shift assets 0 (zero) until the minus, and that his real name is swelling really firm, can check their financial statements on the Nasdaq on the following link : http: // query = balance sheet

(Report on the NASDAQ can not deceive or engineered, and this proved that this company may be a scam in the near future, because it is really swollen Company)

Not to mention the overseas countries such as Belize and the warning was usually very soft also indication of the following:

So in the trade balance by using Maxim merchant is actually very dangerous, and can be said about this scam or fraud.

We strongly recommend you to put money there and playing this way, especially at the expense of other people to join also fell in the system of the scandal, because it may just be a special return of capital or of congratulations, but I was thinking about the fate of orang2 under a new sign and then the company is the process scam? Yes wear conscience.

Not to be taken by the company to talk about marketing tricks to fool Hey, just think of first with logic before you put your money in there and jump into it. Immediately and withdraw money from your broker through the bulge this is still to be done.

We hope it is useful


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