Beware of ensuring Gold Investment

Ensure investing in gold?

Perhaps you have already received an offer from the investment that promises the return of some and to ensure the kind of gold or buy back the gold, and usually returns about 2% - 4% per month during a certain period.

For physical gold reserves, we are required to buy gold in the gold price on that day, but the most expensive of nearly 20% - 30% of the price of gold on the market rate. (Example: Normal price of gold in the market actually is 500,000 rupiah per gram, but they offer you Rp.650 thousand / g). They usually use the interest from the gold price LM (precious metals) or gold Antam but significantly up to 30% more expensive.

Many secularists who are interested in joining and end up with a program of investment in gold like this, because they feel inclined to return and also feel safe because there are reserves of gold, or buy back guarantee. But in fact it is just a trick.

Well, now we will discharge in fact why is dangerous and it is better not to attend?

Look, let's say you invest 100 million rupees there. You will get from the physical gold reserves worth Rp.70 million, he promised to return her to a monthly income equal to 2% of the 100 million rupees, Rs. 2000000 / month. Well Here's a game: in fact you are investing 100 million rupees of gold then you should get gold worth one million rupees 100 was also right ... but not here, because they do not have the parts about 30% to play as HYIP or Ponzi (ie Rp. 30,000,100 million dollars). So the rest of your money Rp.30 million, which played in the HYIP or Ponzi scheme. (Schemes in the sense dig a pit covered from the proceeds of a new member to pay the old members), but can also be traded in the rest of the money actually, but very risky at all to repair the losses if higher-yielding promising as it is.

Therefore, we assume here that already invest in HYIP or money game, and the air return of about 6% or 7% in the month, with a capital of Rp.30 million (does not make any difference), but due to different delivery as if you were given a gold guarantee that makes people became interested , while the same lie

In fact, instead of HYIP comes ensure not guaranteed investment program with gold obvious is more attractive and more likely to survive, but if we know Geely actually the same, just the way the delivery of a trick to make people care about it later.

Moreover, he added with a trail privileges / Search downline, or awards and legal certification schemes, PT legitimacy, the MUI, certificates, and offices, and so on as spices that can sometimes numb us, but everything was just a hoax, and can be obtained with "booty"!
(You know yourself how to Indonesia .... but that in developed countries like the United States, and the types of investments such as these should be banned because it is deceptive)

Investments such as the above system also has been banned by the government in other countries, because there is no difference with the HYIP, money game, or fraud. Please read on:

Well, you do not want to be fooled again by things like that, yes. First learn to be careful and observant. Or you can consult with us early before fooled


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